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Barons Confections
Barons Confections

Baron’s is a company grown from the love for a daughter. Kristina Smith is the daughter of Baron’s Confections Owner Mina. When Kristina was just 6 years of age she fell ill for an unexplained reason. After being in a coma for six long months Kristina awoke only to face an even longer road of challenges ahead. Pre-coma Kristina was a healthy, happy young girl. After regaining her consciousness Kristina was diagnosed with Encephalopathy Etiology Unknown (brain damage with an unknown cause).

In her new life Kristina battled seizure disorder and suffered from frequent grand mal seizures. Seizures were not her only problem; Kristina suffered from swelling of her brain, kidney/liver failure, two collapsed lungs, protein leaking from her brain into her spine, decreased motor and speech skills, decreased vision and short-term memory, as well as ataxia (shaking). In addition to her long list of ailments, she had an equally long list of medications.

Not wanting Kristina to undergo years of medication and endure more damage to her already changed body, her physician suggested a more holistic approach to her treatment; more specifically cannabis. Hesitant for many years simply because of the stigma associated with cannabis, Mina was reluctant to administer anything other than Kristina’s prescribed medications. It was when Kristina was finally old enough to provide her own opinion that she tried cannabis for the first time. From that point on life was never the same for Kristina, it was better.

Mina saw the improvement in Kristina instantly and decided to take matters into her own hands. Originally an engineer by trade, Mina quit her job to pursue a degree in Culinary as well as Baking & Pastry. With the sole purpose of being able to create cannabis infused products for her daughter, Mina worked hard on her degrees and cannabis research. She learned that although there were many companies growing cannabis for edibles and other products, they were using just as much, if not more, unsafe, untested chemicals than could be found in Kristina’s current medication. Unsatisfied with her findings, Mina decided that it would be in the best interest of her daughter to create her own company from the ground up. A company that would be 100% holistic, and hold itself to a standard above any other. That is the moment the idea for Baron’s Confections was born.

Today Kristina is 34 years of age and loving life. In her words “Mom, I love cannabis. It makes me feel normal. It makes me feel free.”


Baron’s Confections won 1st place at the Edibles Magazine Awards for “Best Gourmet Edible,” along with three other awards.
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