Grassroots Bake Shoppe

Grassroots Bake Shoppe
Grassroots Bake Shoppe

We are a Washington State licensed grower and producer of Marijuana and cannabis products. Everything we produce is grown in 100% organic conditions and maintains the highest quality standards.

We maintain this site so that you can learn everything you want to know about what we produce, our growing methods, our quality standards, our strains and where you can buy our products.

Somewhere along the way, you, or someone you know, has lovingly attended their own little vegetable garden. When those vegetables find their way to the dinner table, they are perfectly ripe, rich with flavor and create the best possible dining experience. While the large scale growers excel at producing in volume, it has a huge impact on quality and flavor and is literally laced with the chemicals needed to run that huge farm.

Grassroots Bake Shoppe is exactly what it sounds like. We are a small, local grower who lovingly attends to our garden. We personally care for the plants by hand. We use 100% organic methods. When our products find their way to your table they are perfect, rich with flavor and provide you with the best possible experience. Who would have ever thought that grandma would show us the way!

High quality marijuana needs to be properly cultivated, manicured, and processed before consumption. There is a huge difference between buds that have been hand-trimmed versus buds that were trimmed by a machine. Processing individual nugs by hand requires training, focus, and experience. As experienced, professional trimmers, we know how to keep the integrity of the shape and not agitate the crystallized resin. We know what to trim and what not to trim. Different strains excrete their THC-filled natural resin in various sections of the cannabis plant across different densities. We know exactly how to properly trim the flowers in order to yield the best possible product.

It’s not just how we grow it and trim it, its also how we cure it. We take great pride in slowly curing our cannabis in glass jars before it finds its way into your local retail store. The curing process is similar to aging fine wine, and when its done properly it will enhance the taste and smell of your smoke. Curing done right converts sugars and starches into flavorful compounds. This allows aerobic bacteria to come to life which creates a very smooth smoke with a great fragrance. We know great quality cannabis requires this very important step in the growing process. When you choose Grassroots Bake Shoppe product, you can rest assured it was cured right.
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