Pacific Wholesale Network

Pacific Wholesale Network
Pacific Wholesale Network

Pacific Wholesale Network was created as a service to the medical cannabis community in California with the foresight of preparing for the changes in the industry that are still to come. Our team is comprised of some of the top industry members from the cannabis community – from master growers, artisanal craft producers, brokers, vendors, activists, and of course patients. We have also welcomed those from other industries who contribute their expertise in operations, logistics, and branding/marketing. We believe that ensuring fair prices to farmers is a responsibility of ours as distributors and we are able to achieve this by making our channels affordable through a scalable model.

We founded PWN knowing that we had the ability to create a great business serving cultivators, producers, manufacturers, retailers and patients, with the laws constantly evolving to better protect our businesses. As this process rolls on, we will progress as an industry as the Federal Government begins to recognize California as having a well-rounded system of regulatory controls with both regulatory measures and enforcement. Our role within this system is seen as a representative of compliance and advocate for progress.

Pacific Wholesale Network are also Clean Green Certified Inspectors.
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