Sofresh Farms

Sofresh Farms
Sofresh Farms

Sofresh medical cannabis farms share a mission to sustainability cultivate and deliver exceptional quality.

Our Master Grower’s legendary status in the cannabis growing community reaches far beyond the Pacific Northwest.

Our Vision

High-quality supplies of sustainably-produced cannabis are safely cultivated. Networks of exceptional growers successfully collaborate to coordinate their plantings with patient demand.

Through genome testing every phenotype is identified, opening the door to genetically specific cultivation techniques. All Farm workers are compensated with competitive benefits and family wage jobs. The soil food web is regenerated through deep organic (clean green) cultivation techniques.

Indoor and greenhouse cultivation is powered by renewable resources while all materials are either composted or reused. Regenerative business practices and cultivation techniques are regularly refined, documented and widely disseminated. Farmers meet to celebrate all that the cannabis plant has to offer.

Know Your Grower

How do you know if your cannabis has been treated with harmful synthetic pesticides or fertilizers? Best way is to know your grower and ask how they fertilize and manage pests.
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