Clean Green Certified offers representation for legal matters in California, through Chris Van Hook's law firm.  If you are seeking legal advice in other states, we have partners that can be found in multiple states throughout the country-- please feel free to contact us.  If you provide legal services and are looking to become a partner of Clean Green, please contact us for more information on our approval process.

Attorney Chris Van Hook combined his legal expertise with his professional agricultural experience to create the Clean Green Certified Program.  Chris Van Hook works in Agricultural Compliance Law in the State of California, and helped write ordinances in counties across the State.  He is available to assist persons seeking legal help in the following areas:

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Business Law

Chris Van Hook has experience in a variety of business models and can help get your business started properly.

Legal Compliance Review

A detailed and confidential review of your business can help identify and prevent problems, reduces your liability and gets professional answers for your unique questions.

Expert Testimony

Chris Van Hook is available as an expert witness or as a member of a legal defense team on agricultural and medical cannabis compliance issues and business entity structure issues, should a defense be needed. We have experience working with defense attorneys throughout California.

On-site Inspections

The Clean Green Certified Program requires an on-site inspection (or inspections) of the procedures used in an operation to ensure the continued compliance with the program’s standards. As a licensed attorney I can assist a client with any compliance questions they may have as well as any other concerns that I see while on-site during the inspection. This is a good time for a client to have any questions written down prior to the inspection to be sure that they are addressed.

Contracts and Real Property Issues

Well written contracts help avoid greater problems later on, use our experience to help you build a contract that you understand, and can live with! Our experience with Real Property Law can help you with land issues, easements, purchasing or selling a property. Leasing a property as well!

Agricultural Compliance Program for Growers

Our legal staff works with individual clients to address any compliance issues or questions they may have. Each compliance program is tailored to that particular client. Call us for more details or questions.

Agricultural Compliance Program for Processor/Handlers

We work to assist the facility in compliance with all applicable California laws. In addition we assist in the establishment of record keeping systems, tracking of product systems as well as proper handling and storage methods.

We put the facility through mock recalls of product as a means of testing the record systems. All of this greatly aides in a facility’s good faith effort at complying with State Laws, as well as reduces the facilities liability by having these programs in place.

Formation of Grower Collectives

Often in smaller growing operations the expense and complexity of a Corporation may not be necessary. We can assist in the formation of formalized collectives that meet the State guidelines, are easier to maintain and are less expensive to set up!

Formation of Non-Profit Corporations

If a non-profit corporation is best for a client we can assist in the formation of a non-profit mutual benefit corporation, the bylaws, and all of the relevant necessary documents. We take the time to listen to the client and then to tailor the corporation and documents to best address their needs and personalization.

Formation of For-Profit Corporations

If a client has another business entity that requires a standard for profit corporation we can assist in the formation of these as well as the bylaws and all necessary documents. Utilize our many years of business experience to help tailor a corporation that suits all of your needs.

Commercial Leases

A good lease up front can help avoid problems later. We have experience writing commercial leases for many different types of operations. Let us help you in the writing of any commercial leases that you might need.

Product Licensing

Product licensing by Clean Green Certified is available for inputs or products that meet the program standards. Licensing allows for the use of the Clean Green Logo on your product labels, making it easy for a Clean Green Grower to choose your product over the many that are out there.

Licensing also includes placement on our website for greater exposure of your product to the marketplace!

Administrative Law

In today’s world there are many agencies that can affect a growing operation farm or commercial property. We can assist you in the often complex world of Administrative Law to help resolve the issues and get you back to work.

Permit Assistance and Acquisition

Our team has a great deal of experience in assisting operations in their application for various permits. Use our experience to help you put your operation and permit application in the best possible position for success.