If you are a cannabis processing/handling operation (dispensary, outlet, hash, edibles, or other cannabis processing operation), please go through these questions carefully to see if you are eligible for Clean Green processor/handler certification.

Answers to the questions will appear when you click “Show Results,” but hang on, it might take a few seconds.

When you feel you are able to answer these questions successfully, you may request an application. We look forward to working with you!

1. Are you processing Clean Green certified cannabis?


2. Are you able to keep Clean Green certified cannabis separate from other cannabis used your facility?


3. Could you demonstrate your ability to track Clean Green certified cannabis throughout your facility?


4. Do you have a washable, clean dedicated area for your product processing with a hand washing station nearby?


5. What kind of packaging do you use for your Clean Green certified products?


6. Are you shipping cannabis products across state lines?


7. Do you have energy-efficient lighting and appliances?


8. Do you have a legal outlet for the cannabis that is to be certified?


9. Do you have minors living on your processing/handling site facility?


10. Is your facility located near schools, parks or other institutions that have a radius prohibiting cannabis product production/sale?