The “Clean Green pre-screening questions for CANNABIS CROP PRODUCERS” was designed to allow you to see if you meet our initial eligibility criteria. The pre-screening eligibility analysis does not guarantee Clean Green certification. Rather, it will enable you to better understand what areas you need to work on before sending in your application and deposit.

Answers to the questions will appear when you click “Show Results,” but hang on, it might take a few seconds.

If you feel you have successfully answered these questions, we congratulate you and hope that you will request an application for Clean Green certification.

1. Do you use efficient lighting/have an efficient source of electricity?


2. Do you use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides?


3. Are you shipping cannabis products across state lines?


4. Do you have a legal source of water and are you mindful of your use of water?


5. Do you have a legal outlet for the cannabis that is to be certified?


6. Do you have minors living on your farm?


7. Do you provide reasonable working conditions and wages to your workers?


8. Do you have a washable, clean dedicated area for your product drying and processing?


9. Is there a hand wash station nearby your drying and processing area?


10. Do you have specific compliance issues that you would like to discuss with our legal staff?