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“The Closest Thing to Organic you can Get”
“Environmentalists like Clean Green”
“Helps Consumers Make Conscious Choices”
Patients and recreational consumers need to wise up to the damage and vote with their dollars, consciences, and actual votes. Harborside and others like Berkeley's C.R.A.F.T. Collective carry loads of Clean Green-certif...
“The best of the bunch appears to be ‘Clean Green’ certification”
CRAFT carries one of the best examples of the strain your likely to find anywhere in the Bay Area. The high-end, boutique collective only carries Clean Green-certified organic pot, in this case grown indoors to perfectio...
“Grown to Perfection”
DeAngelo's [Harborside Center] is heralded as the gold standard of cannabis dispensaries, thanks in part to its third-party lab testing for potency and molds. It does offer some Clean Green–certified cannabis, and he pay...
“Clean Green Farmers Paid $100/Pound More”
An organic industry is expected to flourish
In this climate of official regulations and growers seeking a legal alternative to the USDA's organic stamp of approval, one name is emerging as an industry leader.  Clean Green Certified is a third-party company special...
“Emerging as an Industry Leader”
Clean Green also goes further than the USDA in some areas, requiring every operator to undergo pesticide testing every year, rather than only a small percentage of farms. Clean Green companies also must put into place a ...
“Clean Green goes further than the USDA in some areas.”