A Clean Green Certified Outlet is clean and provides safe cannabis grown free of synthetic pesticides and harmful residue.  

There are two real reasons any conscientious consumer will want to go to a Clean Green Certified outlet (and only a Clean Green Certified Outlet):


1)  The Only Sure Way to Buying Clean Green Cannabis

To buy Clean Green cannabis, which is tested and found free of synthetic pesticides and other harmful residue.  Aside from being healthier for your body, Clean Green cannabis is grown in a more sustainable manner.  Only Clean Green Certified outlets can sell Clean Green cannabis:

Find an Clean Green Certified Outlet

2)  Tested for Accountability and Sanitary Processing/Handling Conditions

Before an outlet can be certified Clean Green, we test that the outlet handles your cannabis properly through a series of mock-recall and trace-back exercises.  The Clean Green Certified outlet knows where its cannabis is coming from and that it is not getting mixed up with other kinds of cannabis or lost in a dusty storeroom.  A Clean Green Certified outlet that processes and handles cannabis has sanitary protocol, similar to what is asked by national food processing requirements.